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Ashmont School is a K-12 school that serves students in the communities of Saddle Lake, Whitefish Lake, Ashmont, McRae and the surrounding areas. The school has a rich tradition of continued academic and athletic excellence. There are two reasons for this - our amazing students and our dedicated staff! Our students are incredibly talented in a variety of fields and disciplines, and our staff team do their best to help students fully develop and foster their talents.


Ashmont School is well known for its strong academic program. At the elementary level, we have a focus on literacy through our daily guided reading program. Guided reading is a daily activity for all students in grades K - 6. Students gather in small groups with peers at a similar reading level. They read and discuss books and other texts while receiving feedback and instruction from their teacher. There is an emphasis not just on reading fluently, but on having a good understanding of what is read. Writing instruction is built into the guided reading time and provides an opportunity to support students as they write about a book they just read. It extends the comprehension and improves students’ writing skills since they are working side by side with an instructor. Our elementary school also has a strong focus on math, science and social studies instruction, incorporating Indigenous ways of knowing and understanding into the curriculum where possible. 

The elementary school also provides excellent programming in Cree, music and physical education for all students. In addition, students have an opportunity to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities that promote their development as a whole, including intramurals, sports teams for upper elementary (including volleyball, basketball and cross country), and student leadership. 

Our junior and senior high boasts an excellent all-around academic program, including all academic courses in the maths and sciences for high school students. The staff at Ashmont School believe strongly in taking a flexible approach to help us best meet the needs of all students. Students have many supports in place to ensure they are all successful. In senior high, students can access courses in a variety of ways, including through the traditional classroom, through distance learning and via home schooling. 

Our staff commitment to providing an excellent core academic program for our students is coupled with a wide variety of CTS options in both junior and senior high. Students have lots of choice to design a program that meets their needs and interests, including:

Junior high options:

  • Art

  • Cree

  • Home Ec

  • Music

  • Outdoor Education

  • Robotics

  • Woodworking and construction

Senior high options:

  • Aboriginal Studies

  • Cree language and culture

  • Fashions

  • Construction

  • Metal Fabrication

  • Mechanics

  • Media and visual arts

  • Photography

  • Phys Ed

  • Outdoor Education, with a focus on land-based learning

  • Sports Performance

  • Foods

Ashmont is also well-known for its strong athletic program. Our school consistently fields excellent teams in both junior and senior high in:

  • Volleyball

  • Cross country

  • Basketball

  • Golf

  • Team Handball

  • Badminton

  • Track and Field

  • Archery

We also have many other extra-curricular opportunities for all students in K through grade 12. These opportunities allow students to develop a wide variety of skills and character traits that complement their academics, allowing us to fully develop the whole student throughout their educational journey. These extra-curricular opportunities include:

  • Student council (elementary)

  • Students’ Union (secondary)

  • Intramurals

  • Youth Indigenous Leadership Team

Ashmont School Song

In Ashmont we are a community,
Our doors open wide, come in and see.
We all do our best, with pride we stand,
Together hand in hand.
We join one another with helping hands,
That reach out with friendship and love.
We all do our best, with pride we stand,
Together hand in hand.


Corina Idzan


Corina Idzan, Principal
Denise Warchola, Assistant Principal
Tim Yakiwchuk, Assistant Principal


Together we enter, together we leave, helping each other grow and succeed.


We envision a unified school and community where everyone grows academically, socially, and morally.


At Ashmont School we value:

  • Respect

  • Acceptance

  • Belonging

  • Achievement

  • Lifetime learning

  • Accountability

  • Communication

  • Celebrating Success