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Co-ordinators of Student Supports (COSS) 


They work collaboratively to coordinate everything from IPPs and testing, to instructional assistant placements.


At Ashmont we believe that every student is unique, with different strengths and challenges. We offer a range of environments to support their learning and help nurture their emotional, mental and physical well-being. 


If your child has an educational need, you have an important role in:

  • learning about the implimented programmingÂÂ that best meets your child’s needs

  • participating in the development of your child’s programming

  • working collaboratively with teachers and specialists


Our approach to inclusive education is about bringing together diverse supports for both individual students and entire classrooms. We’re focused on helping every child, regardless of their background, needs or abilities, experience success. It’s not only about making students feel physically included, but also emotionally connected to all aspects of the Ashmont school experience. 



Mrs. C. Sogge-Schurek:

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