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All students accessing education through technology are subject to the Acceptable Technology Use Agreement and Computer User’s Code of Ethics signed during registration. This agreement continues to be in force while students continue their education at home.  Students who fail to act in accordance with the Agreement and Code of Ethics may be denied electronic access to education through SPERD. In such a case, educational materials will be provided on paper. It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to monitor student technology use outside of the school.

Below are all classes and google classroom codes, your child may need to access. If they are in online-only learning or they are away from their in-person classes work is posted regularly to keep your child up to date. 

Your student will need to log into their google classroom and choose to join a class. 

Step by step guide found by clicking on the button. 



ECS/Gr 1 (online):  56x6vyj 

Online Class times- 8:39-9:40 & 10:15-11:15

2A (online):    xqapwyz

Online Class times- 10:20-11:20 & 2:00-3:00


3B (online): b6krjlj

Online Class times- 10:30-11:30 & 2:15-3:15

4A (online):   qfvomkn

Online Class times- 8:45-9:45 & 10:30-11:30

5B (online):   m74l6my

Online Class times- 10:15-11:15 & 12:15-1:15

6B (online):   mwuxvur

Online Class times- 8:45-9:45 & 10:30-11:30 


7.1 (online):

LA 7.1:   7c3m75x

Social 7.1:   r77q2pi

Math/Science 7.1:   47p6ch x




















8.3 (online)

LA 8.3:   t7kh4cv

Science 8.3:  3ez3mal 

Social 8.3:   ovqxrjb

Math 8.3:   dzic4g2  


9.3 (online)

Math 9.3:  7yg76c6  

Science 9.3:   cd4jpla

LA 9.3:   a5xaduy

Social 9.3:   pbing3l 


Math Online Support:   clyedgh

Grade 10

Eng 10.2/10.4:   qicffv6

Math 10C:   s7f4a45

Math 10C (Online):   4wlaz5u

Social 10.1:   ampoyzl

Art 10:    lbpqrpf

Shop 10:  lkbv27k

Graphic Design:   umqotbo

PE 10 (Online):   zdl6oyw

PE 10/20/30:  hzlzvhw

Math10.3 (Online):    megupxv

Math 10.3:   i7lmxh2

Enviro Studies 10:   qegjqci

AV 10:   pigyjwc

Land Based 10/11/12:   4szhkaz

Grade 11

Chemistry 20:   nv7pjbi

Science 20:   3h47c4a

Science 24:  ge2ws6a 

Math 20.1:   rcpsavr

Math 20.2:   jkazjwm

Mrs. Scott - CALM 20:   grt45wn

Mr. Chemilnisky - CALM 20:   ecel22v

Art 20:   xnpftaq 

PE 10/20/30:  hzlzvhw

Math 20.1 (Online):   mq7h3w3

Math 20.2 (Online):   6e4rbrk  

Enviro Stud 11/12:  j3ly4eb 

AV 20/30:   rmykw6t

Math 20.3:   dl3ovmp

Land Based 10/11/12:   4szhkaz

Grade 12

English 30.1:   3jdx7s6

Eng 30.2/30.4:   s4wqef7

Social 30.1:   uqc63s6

Art 30:  sypdhpf   

PE 10/20/30:  hzlzvhw

Enviro Stud 11/12:  j3ly4eb 

Social 30.2:   whcqa74

Land Based 10/11/12:   4szhkaz

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